4 Flowers & Plants that Changed my Life

4 Flowers & Plants that Changed my Life

I know it sounds dramatic, but I mean it.

Why else would I start Drink More Flowers? Fun frivolous drinks are great. Fun(ctional) drinks with potentially life-altering effects are even better. But really, the whole point of this is that it's up to you and your own experiments with yourself. 

Lemon Balm on a Wooden Surface

I am sharing my experiences and the changes I've felt in my life because of these plants, so that others who are adaptogen-curious might have some more anecdotal evidence, techniques, and experiments to consider for themselves. I am, in no way, providing a substitute for medical advice or expertise. Great, now that the obligatory part is out of the way, let's talk about material changes in my emotional patterns and how I've integrated these game-changers into any day routines.

Rhodiola Rosea with twine and a knife

These are the flowers (herbs, roots, and other plants) that changed my life.

  1. Rhodiola Rosea: possibly the least surprising candidate on this list because Rhodiola Rosea is known to be a life changing adaptogen. For me, Rhodiola Rosea is feeling calm in the eye of the storm instead of being overcome with emotion. Rhodiola Rosea is not limited to emotional stability, it is also a clear mind, and more energy. Yeah - what can I say? I'm a big fan. If you're interested in trying it out - you can find Rhodiola Rosea in our Self Witnessing Roots Adaptogen Creamer.
  2. Lemon Balm: a weed to some, a love to others, Lemon Balm means no more mood swings for me. After having a baby, my hormones fluctuated more than before and the low right before menstruation (PMS time, yup) was a pit of bad moods for me...until I found Lemon Balm. Now I keep it handy in Drink My Greens and Limited Edition: Golden Hour Wildflower
  3. Shatavari: I am the definition of Ayurvedic Vata in many ways, and Vata-Pitta in others. Needless to say, moisture retention, dry skin, dry scalp, dry elbows, redness, inflammation, irritation, and all - Shatavari helps. The moist vibes go beyond external benefits, helping anyone in their dry season out. Find Shatavari in both Self Witnessing Roots and Island Time Adaptogen Creamers.
  4. Hibiscus: the sun is intense, especially in the Caribbean where I live. Hibiscus has the antioxidant flower power to make my skin feel fresh by drinking it. Flowers are fantastic. I love it at night, hot or iced with honey. Try for yourself with our Sour Flower blend

Hibiscus tea and flowers on a white background

Bonus 5: It's a mushroom, so technically this does not count. I am a chronic shallow breather and have been aware of my oxygen intake from my days running. Enter Cordyceps... a truly incredible, versatile, oxygenating mushroom that I love for long days. Check it out in our Vanilla Warrior Adaptogen Creamer.

Cordycep Mushrooms up close

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