Drink More Flowers Philosophy

More is better.

Adding flowers (herbs, roots, mushrooms, and fruits) to creamers, teas, and other drinks is a whimsical and delicious way to encourage biodiversity any day of the week.

All Drink More Flowers products are 100% Organic or Wildcrafted. Sourced from other small business and organic farms who prioritize ethics, sustainability, and next generation biodynamic agricultural practices. 

In essence by supporting Drink More Flowers, you are participating in one of life's rare win-win-win situations. 

Win #1: You are treating yourself to a delicious and creamy latte or a bright and delightful flower drink. 

Win #2: You are supporting your body and mind for the future by introducing biodiversity via flowers, roots, mushrooms, herbs, and berries today. 

Win #3: You are supporting several small businesses with missions of sustainability and ethical sourcing with every purchase.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please don't hesitate to email question@drinkmoreflowers.com.


Drink More Flowers: Purpose, Mission, & Values

Our Purpose: delightful daily dosing. Adopting a new habit is hard. Modifying existing habits with gentle "boosts" is a lot easier. 

Our Mission: to encourage the consumption of more plants into healthy, delightful, and flowerful routines. 

Our Values:

  1. Responsibility: to ourselves, our planet, and all of our shared resources. Our number one priority is sustainable health for humans and our planet, symbiotically. Drink More Flowers embodies this value through strict sourcing and ethical agricultural practices.
  2. Balance: pizza is important. Dessert has its place in all of our lives. Drink More Flowers advocates for ADDING more plants and not worrying so much about subtracting things that you find joy in.
  3. Biodiversity: this one gets repeated a lot because of its profound importance. Biodiversity increases resilience in Earth's ecosystems and in human microbiomes. How do more plants actually help people? People who eat a biodiverse diet generally have more nutrients, specifically phytochemicals and antioxidants, which lower the risk for many chronic diseases. [r]
  4. Small Joys: upgrading from the need to have coffee to get through the day to the joy of a cup filled with more than a monoculture was a meaningful change in my life. Sipping on flowers after hours was a small joy that I knew I wanted to share. Small joys are the difference between a blurry average day and a day with brightness, color, and memories.

If you have any questions about how to get involved with Drink More Flowers, please don't hesitate to email question@drinkmoreflowers.com.