How to Use Flowers in Unexpected Everyday Ways - 5 Ideas to Try More Flowers

How to Use Flowers in Unexpected Everyday Ways - 5 Ideas to Try More Flowers

If you've ever inhaled the sweet smell of flowers on a spring breeze, then you have experienced the power of flowers to unlock instant joy (and sometimes a sneeze).

Bath with fresh flowers including white peonies, lavender daisies, and baby's breath

Let's start by exploring the Power of Flowers:

The scent of a flower is an opportunity to slow down and be in the moment. Being present or mindfulness or any of the buzzwords simply mean pausing to enjoy that flower.

That's it. Because pausing, enjoying, being present, leads to great results like lower stress levels and greater ability to focus.

Yes, that's right. Stopping to smell the flowers will lower your stress levels and give you a greater ability to focus afterward. [r]

Seems like a good deal to me. In fact, it seems like a great deal to me. But it's really up to you.

Dog sniffing crocus purple flowers at sunset

Because of roadblocks like living in the city, living through seasons without flowers, inclement weather of all kinds, and that's just the environment. Budgets, lifestyles, access, all come into play too.

Alas, the interwebz demands solutions.

So here we are - ready to integrate more flowers into our daily lives, regardless of the forecast or zip code...

How can we integrate more flowers and joy into our regular everyday lives?

 Butterfly Pea Flower Tea with Flowers and Lemon, Blue and Violet teas in glass cups

How to Use More Flowers in unexpected everyday ways (that could be in your cabinet or pantry right now).

  1. A Flower Tea: There's gotta be some floral tea bag some where in that pantry or cabinet... and we should definitely start with that dusty chamomile. It's free and it's one kettle away. Floral tea is the first way that any gray day can have some flower induced mindful moments and peace. Warm beverages are the best.
  2. A Flower Bath: If you have several flower tea bags or dried flowers (now we are stretching), then you can take those tea bags or dried flowers and add them into the tub under running water. Let them steep like you would a tea, add in some bubble bath or salts and make it extra fun. Bathtub Tip: leaving the flowers in the tea bag makes clean up extra easy. 2 down and we haven't left the cabinet.
  3. A Floral Soda (with or without vodka, no judgement): Soda or seltzers are pretty common to have these days and it doesn't even matter what flavor you happen to have so long as you like it... any soda will do and any flower syrup (and any optional vodka) will do too. So now we're just pausing on any flower syrup... who has flower syrup hanging around?! Did you know that you can DIY Flower Syrup with Sugar or Honey, Water, and ANY Herbal Tea? Yup, back to that same cabinet and tea stash. It's surprisingly easy and extra eco-chic if you reuse a glass bottle. Tea transformed into a flower syrup turned floral soda and a glass bottle saved from a drab life in a landfill. What a win-win and possibly, again without leaving the refrigerator and cabinets. 
  4. A Floral Lemonade (with or without rum, still no judgement): Now take that DIY floral syrup, add lemon or lime (and optional rum), and pour them both over ice with water or seltzer. I like mine with extra lemon and Golden Wildflower Syrup.
  5. A Floral Iced Coffee (don't judge me until you've tried it): And don't try it unless you enjoy flavored coffees. If you've already tried mushrooms and roots in your coffee, then this is not much different. Add a splash of flower syrup to your morning coffee for a sweetened treat - especially delicious with iced coffee & almond milk.

Bonus 6. A Floral DIY Salad Dressing: 3 parts olive oil 1 part flower syrup 1 half lemon (or tsp of vinegar) & seasoning + herbs to taste.

Fresh Elderflowers surround a glass bottle of DIY Flower Elderflower Syrup

OK, so maybe you've been reading along and thinking... there is zero chance I have tea in my cabinets. And if that's the case, then Drink More Flowers makes things really easy.

Choose Your Own Floral Adventure with any (or all) of our Loose Flowers or choose a concentrated 2 oz syrup. 


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